Hung Windows

Hung windows consist of one or two movable panels, or sashes, that can be raised or lowered within the window frame. The operative sash tilts inward to allow for safe and easy cleaning from inside your home. Single Hung windows are an elegant addition to complement your home. Picture them like a normal slider that is turned on its side. Generally, this style of vinyl window is tall and narrow but in a wide rough opening, two single or double hung can be next to each other.

Double Hung Tilt Windows are the same as single hung except you can slide it open from both ends instead of one. Let Sunview Windows and Doors do an assessment to help you decide what will fit your home the best.


Ventilation Control

Both the top and bottom sashes can be opened to varying degrees, allowing for airflow at different levels. This feature makes them particularly suitable for climates with varying weather conditions.

Versatility and aesthic appeal

They come in various styles, including single-hung windows, where only the bottom sash is movable, and double-hung windows, where both the top and bottom sashes can be operated independently. These windows often have a classic, traditional look that can enhance the architectural charm of older homes or add a touch of elegance to modern constructions.


Fusion-welded frame and sash corners to add strength and prevents air infiltration

Multi-chambered design adds insulation, strength, drainage and reduces condensation
Full interlocking system and Heavy duty cam action locking system for increased security
Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home
Removable screen for easy cleaning and maintenance
Pocket head and sill with Quad weather-stripping
Triple weather-stripping sealing system located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness
Interior glazing with co-extruded flexible seal on sash eliminates leaks
⅞” insulated double or triple sealed glass with warm edge spacer