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A bay window is made up of three or more windows. The side or flanker units project out from the building in 30°, 45°, or 90° angles. The center is parallel with the building wall and is made up of one or more windows. All the units can be stationary, operating, or any combination of the two. Typically, the center section is stationary, while the side units are operating.

A bow windows -a series of four or more adjoining window units, commonly five in number that project 10°-20° from the wall of the building, forming a radius.

A bay or bow window lets you maximize space and enjoy multiple views. It will also make any room feel more open and spacious due to the increased flow of light and counter area.

Sunview Windows and Doors can either replace existing bay or bow windows or we can construct a new design to add detail and enlarge living spaces.

​Standard Bay & Bow Window Feature

1. Fusion-welded frame and sash corners add strength and prevent air infiltration.
2. Multi-chambered design adds insulation, strength, drainage and reduces condensation.
3. Interior glazing system with co-extruded flexible seal on sash eliminates leaks.
4. Drainage channels hidden in front of exterior sash.
5. Removable screen for easy cleaning.
6. Advanced locking system for a tight seal and added security.
7. Triple or double sealed glass with warm edge spacer.
8.  Bay/Bow windows are available in Tilt and Turn style as well as Casement and Hung.

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