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Awning Window 02-08-17.jpg

Awning Window

A window with a sash that is hinged at the top and opens from the bottom.


Bay Window

​A bay window is made up of three or more windows. The side or flanker units project out from the building in 30°, 45°, or 90° angles. 

Bow Windows Edmonton 17-03-19.jpg

Bow Window

​A series of four or more adjoining window units, commonly five in number that project 10°-20° from the wall of the building, forming a radius.

Egress Bsement Window 12-10-19.png

Basement Window

​An egress window code is a legal requirement intended to ensure a person can escape a building through a window in an emergency.

Casement Window Edmonton 07-04-2017.JPG

Casement Window

A window that opens from the side like a door. Historically, casements were the first working windows. 

Fixed Window Alberta 10-08-2017.jpg

Fixed Window

​A window that is non-venting or inoperable.

Single Hung Window 06-04-2017-min_edited

Hung Window

​A window with a fixed upper sash and movable lower sash that slides vertically.

Slider windows Edmonton.jpg

Sliding Window

Two or more sashes that slide horizontally past each other.

Shape Tilt Turn Window 08-10-2013.jpg

Shape Window

Circles, arches, curves, trapezoids, we can build almost any shape you can imagine.

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