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renovation acrylic stucco


 Sunview Windows and Doors specializes in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and stucco on new and existing structures within the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

 We provide initial assessments and work closely with owners of new or existing structures to give their property an attractive and appealing appearance for the best price possible. Ask Sunview how to save! 

To help you determine which colors would best suit your home, we've provided digital copies of the color charts.

NOTE: Colors on screen will differ slightly from the final result, as computer interprets colors, lighting shadows and textures.

Always request a sample from Sunview Windows and Doors before making your final stucco color decision.


 When deciding on the color of your home, surroundings play an important role. Do your neighbors’ homes vary in color? Are they all earth tones, or vibrant eye catching colors? Would a modern grey color be out of place in a modern neighborhood? A reddish color may blend well in a red-brick neighborhood. Beige and Light-Brown are usually safe bets as far as stucco goes. By carefully selecting a contrasting color for the walls of your home, you can make it really stand out in the mind of family, friends and future home-buyers.

Next, take a look at the surroundings of your home. Your property (including bushes/trees/landscaping, fence, how visible the sky is, neighboring homes) can clash with certain colors. If you have lots of pine trees around your home, a vibrant red may not be the best choice unless you want your home looking like Christmas year-round.

 Most manufacturers lay their colors out in sets of 3, giving you complimentary color choices that go well with the main. You can really make a trim stand out by selecting the first color for the wall and skip the middle (going directly to the third color) for the trim. You can also be a little more subtle by selecting the middle color for the wall, and one of the sides (either darker or lighter depending on taste) for your trim. As a (general) personal preference, our taste goes towards the contrasting colors, where the trim is darker than the home itself. We find the light colors brighten up the feel of a home, while the darker shade of trim adds richness and warmth. Rarely, a third color is chosen for a small section of the walls and needs to be very carefully planned out so as to not look disorganized.



Standard stucco textures for a home are Marble Coat 1.5 or 1.8 and Pebble Rock. Other textures are available as well. 

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